Location: Cape Town CBD, Long StreetBo-Kaap

Thank you to:  SKA Clothing and Gregor Simon

With a 5am start in the middle of winter – it was super cold…and in the middle of the Cape Town city centre.
We had a few locations scouted out – but by the time the dawn broke – the traffic hindered most of our locations – and so we had to adapt and change plans to suit the clothing and the spirit of SKA Clothing.

It all started at the SKA shop in Long Street, Cape Town CBD. We had a few shots outside the shop to get things going and then opted to find Bokaap as it holds some really fascinating spots.
With young Caitlyn in tow…another day off school, we had some solid fun as we haphazardly found positions and poses to complement the clothing and the back-drops.
We found some really great places, especially considering, at that point – we had none of it planned as our original plans got tossed to traffic.
It was a chilly winters day with some rain potentially adding to the traffic issue – such is the luck with shoot-days; but we made a plan and got things done nicely.
Aside from our feet almost freezing off – it was just great !

It is always a pleasure working with Gregor from SKA – and we will certainly do a theme like this again.

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