Location: No Danger Diaries, Secret Sunrise, East City Studios 62 Roeland Street

Thank you to:  Lauren, for the gift of great memories

Random find on facebook through a friend (Priya Vassen) interested in going.
Connected with Sebastian via email (co-founder of No Danger Diaries)

Dressed by SKA Clothing for the event, we drove through to the CBD with the beautiful view of the Full Moon setting over Lions Head, arrived with enough time to spare to ‘walk in twice’, collect our Redbull radio wireless headphones and connect with Sebastian, Grant and Daniel and strike superhero.  They were more than happy to oblige. Great team of guys…and gals.

Secret Sunrise proceedings began with an introduction of sorts and integration through some yoga movements.   Music started very chilled and the dancing was somewhat guided by each of the ‘Superhero’s (Grant, Daniel & Sebastian), each with a different ‘theme’ of sorts and infusing their part with their own individual essence.
Tempo increased as the morning progressed (Yoga-robics) and there was plenty of sweet sweat and high fives, ‘cycling’ eagles and African animal interpretations to Mango Groove.
They began opening the windows and French doors surrounding the entire roof top where we could take in the mountain views and cool air…
As the sun got closer to rising the tempo chilled out again, things slowed and we got to connect more to the other ‘dancers’ by  foot sole to sole and ‘sweet nothings’ whispered in our ears.
Brought us down to the floor to ‘rest’ and then to a seated position to meditate to the sunrise moment…the music stayed on as the crowd dispersed to get to work on time; we lingered.

An Epic morning of dancing and connecting with good people.

Onwards to Truth Coffee on Buitenkant where we enjoyed a latte and a very intense spicy ginger tea called “Devil’s Advocate” by our waiter Kelvin.
Grabbed a photo opportunity at the peacock graffiti wall on Buitenkant St. for a popular SKA Clothing pic…

And then onward with our normal days work…it being 9am at this point…and so much done…got to love early mornings.

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