Location: Knysna Elephant Park

Thanks to: Knysna Elephant ParkGeorgia CourtShakti Shanti and SKA Clothing

There are few moments in this ‘civilised’ life where humans are made to feel small and futile in this technological age. It is in these moments we learn the most about ourselves. Being humble is not being made to feel insignificant, instead, a balance of what we are, in the midst of what’s left of the natural world.
Face-to-face with an elephant will help one understand the fragility that is the human body – and really, without our technology, we are peanuts in the trunk of a giant.
We grow from understanding… and we can say, we grew in leaps and bounds flowing with the gentle giants of the Knysna Elephant Park (full KEP story).

Caitlyn, Hunter’s offspring, was kindly gifted an Elephant Encounter at the Knysna Elephant Park, which prompted the idea of an Elephant Flow.  This idea seemed so far removed from a possibility, but when Hunter opened the communication with Alex Vipond, it was welcomed with enthusiasm and openness.  The support from Dave McRae and Sias Van Rooyen was incredible.  When Sias speaks of the ellies, he speaks of his family, there’s no difference between him and the animals.  Once again, an encounter embraced in true PravAha essence.

Let’s tackle this sensitive subject now:
Our encounters are somewhat researched (respecting ‘ellie etiquette’) and planned to a degree of permission, support, not so much schedule.  Intuitively and first impressions – everyone we met at KEP seemed to have the elephants best interest at heart.
Our research lead us in many controversial directions as this encounter was dealing with animals.
In an ideal world, all animals should be in their natural environment, but we are not in an ideal world and for animals, it truly is survival of the safest and sometimes, the safest means captivity.
Life for elephants, and even the zebra, at the Knysna Elephant Park cannot be compared to life in a circus or a zoo.
KEP is simply making the best of an unnatural situation, doing what they can to provide a good life for all animals in and around the park.

From what we saw, from the people we spoke to and the facilities themselves, these animals are surrounded with love and support and a genuine place of safety.

Without going on and on, we highly recommend this experience, if only to hear their low frequency rumbles  that will create a vibration within you.  The gorgeous sunset was simply the cherry on the top!
With all that said and done, we are very much looking forward to the next project with The Knysna Elephant Park.

In closing, we are humbled by this encounter and the opportunity to Flow with these sagacious animals.  Thank you to Georgia Court for taking some time to capture the moment for us in this clip.


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