Location: Saronsberg Wine CellarBabylonstorenVindoux

Thank you to:  Lauren, for the gift of great memories

Well, if one could ever have had just a delightful experience, this would be it.
Vindoux is gorgeous, a tree house themed accommodation overlooking the Winterhoek Mountains.
It was rather cold this time of year in Tulbagh, but with the fluffy white duvets and blankets, we kept very warm.
As the wind blows, you can hear and feel the tree house moving, the wood creaking and swaying; it was just wonderful to experience. They rent out bicycles so one can enjoy the wine cellars along the route too – a very quiet road; alas, we could only make it to Saronsberg, about 500m down the road as we had a massage booked at Vindoux…oh, did we mention – they have a spa too…oh boy do they…

After a grand experience at Saronsberg, we ventured back, which took us at least triple the time it took us to get there…for obvious reasons.

A short week-end stay for us, but we certainly will be visiting again soon.

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