Location: The Atlantis Dunes

Thank you to:  Georgia Court, Cathy and Caitlyn

The Atlantis Dunes are located up the West Coast about 40mins from Cape Town. It is simply a collection of wind-shifted dunes, where people bring their 4X4’s, motorbikes, sand boards and whatever else to play.
There are some that rise 30m from the ground, one can sit at the bottom and hear almost nothing, a deadened silence at 6am in the morning.

So we decided to make a trip out there just before dawn to catch some good sunrise shots. Caitlyn skipped school this day to join us and SKA Clothing sponsored the fashion. This was still very early on in our nomadic careers, so a lot of trial and error; and if you have any experience in early morning shoots – one only has a very short gap with which to play with – otherwise the light is difficult to shoot in.

We had a blast taking the shots and playing on the dunes and will surely go back for a few videos and more pictures.

If you would like to visit the Atlantis Dunes – you will need a permit, which costs around R130; maybe the prices have changed – but give them a call on +27 21 573 7131 to find out more.

Safe sanding.

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