Return of the Gatherings.

The saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” has never rung louder than this past year has it? So much has been taken away and slowly but surely we’re starting to see the light again. We’ve always loved our Yoga gatherings but all of a sudden we weren’t allowed to have them […]

Into the Unknown.

All the latest news for Mzanzi School of Yogic Arts, including the launch of the Flowing Nomads clothing range, Teacher training dates and upcoming Spring Retreat.

Flowing Nomads & Mzansi School of Yogic Arts

I wanted to speak about the Mzansi School of Yogic Arts and Flowing Nomads and getting clear on why we have both entities and what they both stand for. Flowing Nomads was born from the passion of Yoga, an intense love of two souls and living life in the most joyous of ways. What started […]