Earthsap Roll On Bugs Away


Ward off mosquitoes, gnats, sand fleas and other pesky insects with this all-natural bug repellent formula from Earthsap. This is a DEET-free roll-on that’s gentle on your family’s skin, and kind to the environment as well. Made with a blend of six fragrant oils known for keeping bugs at bay, Earthsap’s Bugs Away Roll-On is a must-have for your next family camping trip. Great for the bushveld, the beach or even bedtime at home. Simply roll it on and send the pests packing.

Volume: 50ml

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Earthsap’s anti-bug roll-on formula is made with a blend of pure and simple essential oils and plant extracts. These ingredients are so much kinder to your skin than their chemical counterparts, and they’re safe for the environment as well.


Grapeseed / soybean oil, vegetable glycerine, mint oil, lemongrass oil, citronella, oil, camphor oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil


Simply roll it directly onto your skin.

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