Earthsap Madagascan Vanilla Air Freshener


Natural vanilla bean scented air freshener spray. Made from 100% natural oil which means fewer allergies and contains no petrochemicals. No artificial dyes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or sodium laureth sulphate.

Volume: 150ml

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Mint, lemongrass, citronella, camphor, cloves and eucalyptus; these six plants are all known for their natural insect repellent properties. They smell great to people but not to bugs! Earthsap’s Bugs Away Roll-On formula includes extracts from each of these plants, to send those pests buzzing off. – with no synthetic preservatives, additives, petrochemicals, dyes or sodium lauryl sulphate, it’s gentle enough for your whole family.


Water, salt, vanilla bean extract essential oil


Shake well and spray into air.

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