Location: Sunningdale, Cape Town

Thank you to:  Lauren, for the random suggestion and find

Nomad Lauren was driving her daughter, Noa, to her Mom’s for the evening and on her way, she passed the next phase in the great Parklands/Sunningdale development.
In preparation for the build, they use straw to prevent the sand from blowing onto the foundation construction as the Cape delivers a rather powerful wind.  They are also used to create cohesion in the foundations of the houses.
Lauren saw a large, and inviting, stack of straw bales and of course, decided it was a must for a quick encounter; Hunter and Caitlyn are always ready for a little adventure.

We had dinner plans with a friend and so on our way to his abode; we stopped, and played with a few poses to capture the moment and memory.
Great fun…without the icy cold…we could have stayed and played for hours…it was like being on a farm…in the middle of the suburbs.
There’s never a good reason to say no to play.  Say yes!  Always.

There was still straw on our clothes when we got to dinner which made for a great conversation – even the smallest, shortest moments in our lives count for the greatest memories.

In this memory we encourage you to go out and play, to grab your kids and/or friends and find a moment where you can be silly…to laugh and do things out of what you define as ordinary.

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