Location: Protea Hotel, Stellenbosch

Thank you to: Lauren, for winning this prize; and thank you to

So all good things come to those who…enter…it would seem.
Lauren called Hunter one fine day to let him know she had won a week-end at Protea Hotels, Stellenbosch. How fabulously well-timed this was as we very much needed some time away.
Alas, life got hectic and we needed to request an extension to the expiry of this prize by…a coupole of months…in fact we only went the following year; such is life and its busy schedule.

We coincided this week-end with a very much needed visit to the two beings in this world we love very, very much, Alejandro and Ana. They had now moved to Stellenbosch, Jonkershoek; and so we thought we would go out and have something to eat with them and play music and laugh and and and. And we sure did.

The Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch is an almost dedicated conference hotel – kitted with all the facilities you could ever want to train and host your employees. From a lovely traditional braai to a conference centre that can host several companies in one go.
The same conference centre we sneaked into, moved the furniture and did some yoga in…silent and lovely.

Blaauwklippen is just fabulous, would recommend it to anyone.
A lot to see and taste.

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