Workplace Wellness

Increasing workforce efficiency and health.

Mzansi offer professional onsite wellness programs and classes nationally.

Our existing clients are innovative companies who recognize that with a small investment, the results yield a focused, more consistent individual.

Depending on the environment and space available, we have stretching and breathing techniques we can do at the desk, or if space allows, an express 30min Yoga class that leaves staff feeling fresh and energetic. Our techniques are specifically designed to increase circulation and release muscular tension. As the weeks progress and the exercises grow and change, so the individual will have the knowledge to perform these techniques independently.

Some of the benefits:

  • Improving drive, focus and productivity.
  • Creating an enjoyable and energetic environment.
  • Improving team efficiency, creativity and communication.
  • Can increase employee loyalty to brand.
  • Decreasing absenteeism and inefficiencies.
  • Enhancing physical posture (self-esteem related) and overall healthy mentality.
  • Reducing fatigue and ‘repetitive motion’ injuries.
  • Reducing stress and tension levels, allowing for sound decision-making.

What Studies Show:

A study into ‘Workplace Wellness Programs’ by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis; clearly highlights, proves and explains just how effective these programs are. Even the most basic wellness program will have your staff feeling valued, and through this, a more efficient individual.

Occupation Care South Africa (OCSA) as well as Statistics South Africa claim that on any given day, over 15% of staff could be absent. More worryingly, they also believe that two out of three employees who fail to show up at the office are not physically ill – but are rather battling to manage workload or are simply unhappy at work. Absenteeism in the workplace costs South Africa between R12 billion and R16 billion each year in lost productivity. Absenteeism is possibly the single costliest problem to affect organisations locally and internationally, so it’s worth investing in a solution that works.

We are committed to integrating the values and mission of the company and brand, as this is what will keep the individual motivated and loyal. These offerings at work are a convenient and cost effective way to fit a healthy practice into the workday.


How does it work?


Programs are constructed according to the company’s needs. Days, times and length of sessions will be designed around the business and/or individual.
With a national network of instructors, we pride ourselves in guiding and encouraging physical movement to enhance the work environment, and quality of health overall.
The length and content of the session will depend on the goals and vision of the group or individual – with a clear vision; we can design movements and techniques that support that.


We are fairly creative about where we hold the sessions and we work with the space available.
At times we use the desks and chairs to assist and support the movements. This is an effective way for the individuals to shift their perspective about their working area.
We offer your employees electronic after-session guidance and will help connect them with a studio near them where they can continue their practice.


Pricing is based on location, frequency and length of the session.
We usually break up the sessions if there are too many people, so the instructor can visually connect with each individual – too many may dilute the effect of the work.
After our initial consultation, we will provide a quote and tailor-make a wellness package based on your specific needs, our initial consult will determine your needs and goals with the program and we align these with physical and mental exercises.

Download your complimentary PDF here for our 10 guided stretches you can do at your desk to help you stay flexible and focused at your workplace.

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