Our services, classes and events

Our vision is to spread the passion and joy of Yoga mindfully, with respectful integrity.

Teacher Training 200hr

Whether you are a student seeking to become a teacher, an existing Yoga teacher looking to discover new and effective teaching methods, or a Yoga student simply looking for a deeper understanding of Yoga, this teacher training program will guide and support you on your journey.

Workplace Wellness

Stretching & Breathing Techniques

Involving stretching & breathing techniques in the office environment will result in better concentration & better communication skills. Even the most basic wellness program will have your staff feeling valued, and through this, a more efficient individual.

Yoga Retreats

Rustic • Luxury •  International

Take some time for yourself and relax and unwind with a rejuvenating yoga holiday or retreat. Uniquely designed to re-energise the mind and body, providing an opportunity to not only retreat, but renew your lifestyle and how to go about nourishing yourself physically and mentally.

School Mindfulness Programs

Stretching & Breathing Techniques

From busy parents, ever increasing school pressures, video games, shopping centres, and competitive extra murals, life has become somewhat stressful for children from a very young age. This fast-paced living can have a weighty effect on our children’s lives.

Community Projects

Community upliftment with Flowing Nomads

We thrive in spreading the love of physical movement to help grow the psychological and enhance the spiritual. To bring physical movement to the world..returning us to the joys of the physical body. PravAha is Sanskrit meaning Flow, to go with it and grow with it.

Classes & Workshops

Come flow with us…

We conduct our classes in several location from office environments, studios, private residences, informal beach sessions; whichever environment works for you, we re happy to accommodate.

For more information please contact us.

Yoga Experiences

We will design and discuss a tailor-made experience for each individual or group; this includes pricing on a ‘per person’ bases.

For couples and groups – we will work out pricing based on numbers and selection of experience.

Luxury Hospitality

These are privately arranged Yogic sessions taking place either on or off-site. These sessions are tailor made to cater to the client’s wishes and can include, but not limited to, mindful movement; meditation/visualisation; breathing techniques; Yoga Nidra.

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