Location: Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend

Thank you to: SKA Clothing, Ashley and Chloé, all the beautiful souls, and ourselves

So we thought we would try our hand at holding a heart/healing space at a festival.
Strategic as we are, we wanted a small intimate environment and Lunar by Altered States seemed perfect. Still a similar crowd to Vortex Open Source, and the same venue – but not too many people and those that do attend this are usually more chilled.
So we linked up with Gaby Benkunskas from Altered States and asked to assist with the healing space and hosting yoga and meditation. We then also asked Ashley and Chloé to help us manage the space itself. SKA Clothing also came along as they assisted with the stretch tent and general décor.
B-rad Briscoe and his team were just amazing – they helped with setting up the stretch tent and electrical lines so we had power – they had ten thousand things to do, manage and arrange and still they helped us with a smile and a conversation…love the vibe of these festivals – no stress, and still so much done.

After setting everything up we walked around to meet and greet the campers and festival folk, inviting them to write on cards for our ‘thought-tree’ and join us for the next yoga session.

We had a few sessions a day – and it was lovely to host this space.

This was the festival we met Mr Shaun Garnett who was doing a talk on substance abuse and asked to hold the talk in the healing space.
A very intellectual individual who enjoy astronomy too via his Stargazers.

All in all – a great experience, an intense trip and a well learned lesson…

Poodle knows what I mean…

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