Location: Garden Route, South Africa (Mossel BayGeorgeVictoria BayWildernessSedgefieldKnysnaPlettenberg Bay)

Thanks to: Knysna Elephant ParkSKA Clothing, The Jazz, Lauren, Noa and Hunter

This was a shot in the dark in many ways, the sole purpose was to get a flow sequence with the Knysna elephants at the Knysna Elephant Park (see Knysna Elephant Flow), but then it became about yoga workshops and connecting with local yoga studios and instructors. And then it also became a SKA Clothing photo shoot. All of this put heaps of pressure on Lauren and Hunter – according to them though – they handled it like champs – working with whatever came their way.
A super early morning start it was…waking up at 4am is something only few people can do with an energetic smile – Hunter feels the Garden Route is the closest thing to home he has – so energetic he was. Lauren needed to organise herself as well as the little Nugget – so things were, testing.
We were very quiet as we packed the car and readied the Jazz for her journey; packed to the brim.
We then took a semi-conscious Noa and clicked her into her seat…the strategy was to have her sleep for a large portion of the way. It worked somewhat – with the sun starting to rise as we were passing Riviersonderend; the whole car was alive and awake.

After a 6hr chilled drive we reached Vic Bay, a traditional first stop before entering the official Garden Route…a swim maybe or just a walk to stretch the legs and get a deep whiff of the ocean. And maybe some pictures…and videos…and breakfast…
Onward we went to Plett to check in, a quick stop at the Knysna Elephant Park to pick up some marketing banners for our Oyster Festival Flow.
Greeted with much glee and enthusiasm by Dave McRae – who is about as passionate about KEP as he is about his own children – he speaks of both in the same breath with love and respect.

We went onward to check in at Formosa Bay Resort in Plettenberg Bay – a regular destination for Hunter and his daughter, Caitlyn.
This time it will be Lauren and Noa enjoying the surroundings – a truly lovely place to rest them bones after a long drive.
After checking in we went shopping for a few supplies as Formosa is a self-catering resort – it has a lovely restaurant available too – but we are those kind of folk who enjoy them home-cooked meals.

Next was the workshop at Lotus Studio in Knysna – we had a no-show attendance – which left the air around us fairly stale – but we made up for it by exploring Knysna and having a fabulous time around The HeadsConey Glen and Leisure Isle…ending off at a beautiful spot called Mo’s on Rex; where Hunter used to earn his pocket money as http://www.oysterfestival.co.za/events/oyster-festival-yoga-flow/a karaoke host…can you imagine…?
Heading back to Plett for a solid sleep before our Oyster Festival Flow; this will be a first for the Oyster Festival, as well as us, so the experiment was alive and well.
And sleep we did.

Oyster Festival Sunday came and we were ready – getting there long before the Woman’s Walk and setting up to host some stretching before everyone rushed off to their respective domiciles to rest after 2 weeks of the fabulous Oyster Festival.

Tuesday we were scheduled for the Knysna Elephant Park  – the the morning after Harry’s herd was released into the Plett Private Nature Reserve. So everything was rather emotional on the Knysna Elephant Park(KEP) side as Harry was the original bull at KEP.

We then spent the rest of the time enjoying the forests and all the Garden Route has to offer.

We were also scheduled for yoga at Virgin Active in George and Motion Fitness; which was a great warm-up for our little workshop at Kwelanga Lodge – which was a great community outreach and a lovely soup served by Petra.

A long drive started just after the workshop…which put us in the Cape just after 7pm…

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