Location:  Karkloof Safari SpaPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal

Thank you to:  Fred Wörner and Jeannie

To be asked to teach someone by recommendation is one thing, to then be able to do that in a place like Karkloof Safari Spa (KSS) is something else entirely. The honour, was ours.


Jeannie recommended Lauren to Fred Wörner, a director of KSS, and after a few emails and conversations, mass amounts of preparation and planning; we landed in at King Shaka Airport to be collected with a big smile, by Taona. A 2hr drive to the base camp in the Karkloof Valley got us checked in and then a 10min drive through the game area to be greeted by two white rhino, a calf and a big happy mom; our senses alive and alight with the experience.
Everyone who greeted us wasn’t just smiling because it’s part of their staff etiquette – these people are genuinely happy with life at Karkloof and when you meet Mr Worner himself – you understand why.
A delightful man who brings warmth with his presence, although this was the first time we had made his acquaintance – it truly felt as though we saw him just the other day.
Esther greeted us at the main lodge to give us a tour of the lodge itself, showing us to our villas on the hill overlooking the great Karkloof Valley.

We strolled up the red brick road to the spa which is almost a village in itself, two ladies came out the spa reception to greet and welcome us, and then finally meeting our student, Kae – who we have come to know as an amazing woman who is ready and willing to learn and understand even though she still needs to run an entire spa.  6hrs of yoga a day is no joke – even for the experienced yogi – for a beginner – it unlocks many things about oneself and Kae handles it with grace and a rock-hard attitude.

Here we sit on Day 4 of the training and day 5 of the trip.
Bodies are talking loudly – and how deeply grateful we are for hydrotherapy and deep tissue aromatherapy Thai massages.
There is a lot to cover in such little time – a crash course of understanding yoga is not the most ideal way to grasp a 5,000 year old art form – yet here we are.
It is beyond overwhelming to try and think of going back to normal society after falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of nature – not a road or highway in sight or sound…

What we have found with Karkloof is the entire energy and atmosphere of the establishment is peaceful, from the villas to the spa to the main lodge to the many pathways around the reserve; our senses are completely at peace – and we realise why it is “The World’s Finest Safari Spa”.

We agree that the best part of most of the encounters is the people we meet along the way, and this one is no different. Having a spontaneous dinner with two amazing women is the cherry on top of any great day for any man. We have connected with people in such a unique way through yoga, an unseen gateway into a friendship built on trust and compassion.

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  1. I said a farewell and thank you to Lauren following a practise session at Big Bay on 28 Feb 2021. My gratitude was expressed not because of the beautiful setting but because I have had the pleasure of practising yoga and sharing positive energy with Lauren for over 10 years. From the first day I attended a class lead by Lauren, who was substituting for another instructor at Virgin Active Table View, she laid the gauntlet down of challenging me playfully to try working towards a headstand balance! I have moved away from SA for a time, so I will surely miss a great practise where the rigor and learning has remained constant. Blessings of love and light to you until I have the opportunity to practise with you again.

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