Well it’s February and we’ve decided to be a bit more frequent with our blog posts! Apparently New Year’s intentions can also begin a month late !!
Hunter used to be the writer for us – those of you who knew him, knew how he had a way with words, so we have large shoes to fill, so we will try our very best to keep things interesting and relevant !

In all honesty, the reason why this has taken so long is because of simple procrastination. It’s felt as if there’s been nothing to say and the last thing we want to fill the blog with is more bleak conversation about COVID-19, but it certainly has made it difficult to talk about anything else!

So, moving swiftly on – it’s been an interesting time for us. We’ve been given the time to get busy with our side projects. The Flowing Nomads clothing line has launched, and the sales are flying in and it’s been so heart-warming to walk into studio and see the logo everywhere as people flow beautifully through their practice.

It’s something we’re so proud of. Hunter was so frustrated by the lack of comfortable Yoga clothing out there for men and even though he wore the women’s tights with pride and carried them off amazingly well (giggling to self), he was passionate and eager to create something that would cater for the male Yogis out there too and that’s what we’ve done.
A few of us from the team headed off like true nomads into the dunes (what a magical place at sunrise) and with the epic skills of our Flowing Nomads videographer & photographer (Georgia Court & Henk Badenhorst), we captured some phenomenal moments to showcase the pants specifically!

Scroll to the bottom of the blog to view our gallery.

So, a little moment for marketing 😊
They’re unisex, come in full and ¾ length and available in pretty much any and every colour under the sun. They’re airy and light and so comfortable, you’ll find it challenging to wear anything else!
Our goal was to create something that can be worn on and off the mat, something practical, comfortable, and very importantly, affordable while supporting small businesses, made locally and that’s exactly what we’ve done.
It’s expanding quickly and we’re going to be doing some more photo shoots so that you can see the rest of the range, but for now, the pants are available as well as men’s tank tops and T-shirts, women’s racerbacks in both black and white, really comfy, slouchy long and short T-shirts and also our kiddie range, which couldn’t be cuter!!
The feedback from those of you wearing the range has been better than we could have ever imagined, so huge gratitude for your support! Each sale is so greatly appreciated!

This is just the beginning, expect more, much more to come!

We have our annual Spring Retreat happening in Autumn – like I was saying about not much certainty around anything 😊
But we’re most definitely going ahead – the retreat information can be found on the website also, under the retreat section. I know I certainly need a weekend away and these are always so nourishing to the body and soul – I think it’s exactly what the doctor ordered!
Also our Teacher Training Program begins at the end of April and we’re excited to see what group of souls are going to be coming together to deepen their Yogic journey as well as what they’ll teach us along the way. Also, information on the website!

It’s February!! The month of love – may it be filled to the brim with all things wonderful!