Location: Camps Bay

Thanks to: Shift South Africa, and all those beautiful people.

These meditations for peace take place on Camp’s Bay beach each full moon. The Shift SA Team represents a collection of individuals who globally attempt to create a shift in consciousness. They organise a space for a mass yoga flow, meditation and a song and dance as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

Such entertainment as poi, hula hooping, musical instruments, slack lining to name just a few of what you can do on this encounter.

The meditation was yet to start, so we took ourselves onto the rocks nearby to try find the flow. A few attempts at AcroYoga poses and we couldn’t quite find the ‘grounding’ so decided to take to the sand.

The meditation had begun and with it, we felt the energy of the space, which might have been the influence for us finding our connection. This is the space where we did our very first ‘flying scorpion’.

The sunset was magnificent and with it, we captured some spectacular photos thanks to the flowing photographer, Caitlyn.

People and animals are drawn to good energy and we were once again reminded of this as we were the focus of some playful dogs, as well as some Nigerian tourists visiting the Cape for the Argus Cycling Race. They wanted some photos and were kind enough to send them to us. Finding flow anywhere and everywhere also provides an opportunity to find friends anywhere and everywhere.

A most magnificent evening of Flow, Sunset, hula hoops and the company of peaceful people.

A beautiful night indeed!

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