Namaste to you,

Flowing Nomads is one of the many branches of Mzansi School of Yogic Arts, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Flowing Nomads was born from the passion of Yoga, an intense love of two souls and living life in the most joyous of ways. Together, and with their teaching team, Flowing Nomads has firmly placed itself in the centre of Yoga in South Africa.

Creating and managing relationships with the major fitness centres and organisations to make sure we are not only ahead of the trend, but also distinctly established.

Having now worked with the Flowing Nomads brand for over 5 years; it has become evident that we need a more solid branding framework. Advice from top PR and marketing minds for us was to look into ‘authentically African’ and ‘one-word wonder’ effects, resulting in Mzansi School of Yogic Arts.

Flowing Nomads serves as the communication (blogging) division for the more recreational, public events and fundraising parts of the business model.

Where to next? Ah – the next place…

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