I wanted to speak about the Mzansi School of Yogic Arts and Flowing Nomads and getting clear on why we have both entities and what they both stand for.

Flowing Nomads was born from the passion of Yoga, an intense love of two souls and living life in the most joyous of ways. What started out as simple little Yoga adventures, soon turned into a business grounded in the essence of Yoga.  Together, and with the teaching team, Flowing Nomads had firmly placed itself in the center of the Yoga community, creating and managing relationships with major fitness centers and organisations to make sure we are not only ahead of the trend, but also distinctly established.

Over the years, we felt and were advised from top PR and marketing minds that we needed a more solid branding framework.  With South Africa firmly planted within our hearts, Mzansi School of Yogic Arts was born, managing the educational division, corporate accounts and retail.  Flowing Nomads will always be extremely close to the hearts of all who walked the first part of the journey with us and so now serves as the communication (blogging) division, retreats and more recreational, public events and fundraising parts of the business model.

We hope the distinction becomes clearer to all as we continue to explore all the elements of this Yogic path and how we can incorporate it all.

Mzansi School of Yoga has a strong ethos, one which we are extremely proud to share.

Our Vision

To spread the passion and joy of Yoga mindfully with respectful integrity.

Our Mission

The Mzanzi team aim to fulfill the vision through continuous self-inquiry, sharing openly the experience and knowledge using all possible channels.

Our Values

As Mzansi students and teachers, we strive to:

“We are always open to both giving and receiving honest & open feedback as we grow together;”

Where to next? Ah – the next place…

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