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Viva Gym


Viva Gym
Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre, Sandown Rd E, Sunningdale, Cape Town, 7441


Feb 11 2023


10:30 am - 12:30 pm


R 600.00

Introduction to Yoga

Whether you have just started your Yoga journey, or have felt too intimidated to walk into a class filled with bodies twisting, stretching and inverting; this intro series will assist to establish a solid Yoga foundation.
This series will take place over 2 days – 11th & 18th February, please make sure that you have these dates open for the event.
Let 2023 be a year of growth for your practice, or just to get onto a Yoga mat for the first time.
Wherever you are along your Yoga journey, revision of the basics can bring a fresh perspective to the Yoga poses (asana), breath (pranayama) and marrying these two for an authentic practice.

Viva Gym recognise the importance of Yoga and are kindly opening their doors to non-members for the workshop (bring ID for sign-in).

Why Yoga?

Keeping in mind that Yoga is more than just exercise
  • Increases focus and attention
  • Assists with anxiety and stress-management
  • Increases respiratory fitness
  • Improves stability, mobility and flexibility
  • Builds strength in the physical and the mental areas
  • Assists with digestive and metabolic functions
  • Improves brain activity and creativity

Course Outline

This is a comprehensive workshop, recommended for persons of any age and fitness level and designed to familiarise participants with the basic principles of the Yoga practice. This series is also suitable for those looking to refresh, reignite or rebuild their existing Yoga practice.
Course participants will learn key Yoga poses and instructions/phrases, merging this knowledge with correct breathing techniques creates a heightened and educated body awareness.

We will cover:

  • The foundations of Sun Salutation A & B (this is the fabric of the flow sequencing you find in most Yoga classes).
  • Alignment and structural breakdown of poses & movements – this promotes safety and integrity according to your body specifically.
  • Modifications of poses & movements to allow the individual to build strength and flexibility first before advancing to the full pose or movement – important for those starting out or with injuries.

We will manuals for reference. These will cover everything we will work through so you may review the information periodically post-workshop to refresh and realign.


To secure your space, contact
Lauren Mensikovas / Mzansi School of Yoga / 078 024 2278
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Hourly Schedule

11th February

18th February