Location: Nekkies Resort, Worcester

Thank you to:  SKA Clothing, Gregor Simon, the sunrise and sunset

Once upon a time, there was no time at all … like the present.

This would be the pre-party for Vortex Open Source in December, preparing us for the consistent and unrelenting thump, we ventured out to Nekkies Resort, Worcester for Earthdance.
Earthdance is also a festival which looks to raise funds for the Earthchild Project, who are also partners of the Flowing Nomads.
This was the warm-up to the Summer as it falls in late September, so although not freezing, it was rather chilly in the evening, so bring warm things.

SKA Clothing sponsored this event for us, which is always a pleasure to walk around in SKA fashion.

This was a very short event for us as we only had 48hrs to enjoy it and after really heavy August/September months, we were more ready to sleep under the stars than to dance the night away.
Now that we have experienced a few parties – this one was a little messy for us – many youngins with points to prove and a lot of alcohol involved.

It was a lovely location, but in the end…we will probably stick with our annual Vortex Open Source.

Many pictures to tell the story though – so enjoy…

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