Location:  The Blue Butterfly, Tulbagh Valley, Welbedacht Reserve

Thanks to:  John & Terri (The Blue Butterfly), the beautiful spirits that joined us…the eagles, the stars, the mountains, the air…

After 3 weeks of beautifully intense teacher training, we landed in the Cape from Kwazulu Natal. The next day, we needed to drive out to Tulbagh, home of the Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre… this retreat came like a rainstorm after a long, hot day.
When we pulled into the Welbedacht Nature Reserve, where the Blue Butterfly is nestled, our senses were at complete peace with the surroundings – it was beyond beautiful.
We drove slowly alongside lily-filled fields with springbok bounding passed. Eventually reaching  the horses under a tree by the entrance to the centre, we stopped alongside them; some of the friendliest horses we’ve met, one sticking its head inside the car to greet us.

We settled in, familiarised ourselves with the space, put the welcome letters and gifts on the beds and then walked the trails to find an hour loop for our silent walk the next morning.
The beautiful souls started to arrive, we welcomed them, and whilst Lauren showed them to their rooms, Hunter set up their yoga mats in the studio for the welcome yoga flow.
The fireplace roaring and candles lit, our guests were ready to flow and get their retreat started.

After a solid session, we all went for a well-deserved shower, readying ourselves for dinner.
The aromas of vegetable curry filling the air enticed us, salivating towards the kitchen/dining area.
The most beautiful spread of deliciousness covered the table.  Hungry yogis surrounded the table, gave thanks for the sustenance and the presence of one another and got busy stimulating the taste buds with what was a scrumptious dinner.  Special thanks to our catering team, Carol Collins (Readers Restaurant) who provided meals that not only fed our bodies, but nourished our souls as well……….

Luck would have it that the clouds dispersed which provided  us a beautifully clear sky for Shaun Garnett, from Stargazers, to guide us through what was happening in the night sky.  We got to see Saturn and its rings which was a highlight of the nights stargaze.  Seeing the crescent moon through the lens, really provides one with a sense of how incredibly insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.
Hunter, being ‘fire-master’ got busy creating a powerful bonfire which burnt for many hours, the coals still steaming the next morning.
While the fire blazed, Anna Petersen, from Fire Tribe gave us a demo of her incredible fire-art skills… almost meditative to watch while she virtually tamed the fire burning around her.

Opening day came to a close as we all headed in for a well-deserved night’s sleep.

The rest of the retreat was filled with so much… music, Tai Chi, yoga, poi, fire arts, being upside down to name but a few things, but what sticks in our memories most is the laughter, smiles and playfulness that surrounded us here and even though the time was short, these memories will last a lifetime.
We invite and encourage you to make this investment to yourself and venture off on an experience like this.

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