Audio Classes

Brought to you by Mzanzi School of Yogic Arts

Our classes are Vinyasa style and range from slow flow to power sessions. All of our instructors have attended an internationally accredited teacher training program and we thank you for trusting us to guide you through your practice.

We look forward to sharing these classes with you.

Our focus is personal growth and social development through the education of Yoga, responsibly and with integrity.

Lauren guides you through a 45 minute Vinyasa Flow.
This is a full body Yoga flow incorporating movement to help build muscle strength while improving your fitness, stability and balance.

Lauren guides you through a 60 minute Vinyasa Flow.  Allow the breath to guide you seamlessly from one pose to another. 

Join Lauren as you are guided through a 60 minute Mindful Vinyasa Flow aimed at cultivating a more mindful presence. Each transition is performed deliberately  following the flow of breath throughout the practice.

Join Lauren as she guides you through a 30 minute Vinyasa Flow.
This sequence is perfect to help energize you for the day ahead and will provide you with a great balance of both strength and flexibility.
This practice is accessible to everybody, although an understanding of the pose names is useful for any audio only class.
Always honor your body and any injuries or limitations you may have and give yourself full permission to take rest as and when you need to.
For your own comfort, you can keep any props close by should you need them.

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